Force Cooling, «STAVROS MALATESTAS & CO G.P.», with its thirty-year track on the domain and in the frame of continuous effort of informing its customers, would like to update you on the latest developements on the matter of Freon.

Worldwide, it is observed a sudden increase in prices of all types of Freon but mainly the combined parallel decrease in production of certain types of Freon, due to EU Resolution but also the world community decision to phase-out certain types of Freon with high GWP, based on the environmental awareness of everyone.

In specific, it is proposed to immediate replace Freon R404A with another more ideal replacement.

The final decision would be made after contacting the interested parties and taking into consideration the lowest GWP, the availability and cost of each Freon.

ATTENTION! For any modification that may be required to replace from old to new refrigerant, the interested parties should address to our company that has qualified staff.

We await any clarification you need for availability either materials, gases, either technicians that have such certification to handle and apply all necessary actions.


The company Force Cooling ST.MALATESTAS & CO G.P. and its legal representative, Malatestas Stavros, assure that undertakes the leakage test of refrigerants on refrigeration equipment. The company consists of certified technicians,

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