Refrigerating Tools



Manifolds for all types of Freon


-Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps from 1.9 CFM up to 8 CFM and their spare parts.


Handheld Oil Pumps.
-Refrigerant Recovery
G5 Twin
  • The smallest and lightest freon recovery machine.
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Two-cylinder, with two condensers for extremely fast recovery
  • Isolated crankcase, eliminating bearing contamination
  • R410A liquid and vapor pumps
  • 7 inches turbine fan with 10 blades
  • 3000rpm, 600cfm of cold air
  • It operates up to 50 degrees cooler for maximum reliability and speed even in high ambient conditions
  • Vapor recovery rates 0.62 lbs/minute of liquid

-Freon leak detectors

Electronic tubes for high precision leak detection

  • Over 300 hours lifetime with minimal cleaning
  • No maintenance needed
  • Operating temperature range 24° to 125° F (-4° to 52°C)
  • Storage temperature -4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH
  • Power supply: 4 AA alkaline batteries, 4.5 hours Lifetime
  • Length: 270 mm
  • Weight: 480 g
  • Preheating time: 20 seconds or less
  • Calibration: Automatic
  • Response time: Instant
  • Approvals: SAE J2791 certified, marked CE, EN 14624
Fixed freon leak detectors

Automatic leakage detection system Freon with one or two levels of alarm 100 ppm, Standard sensor housing, with a dry contact and buzzer output, visual alarm and power supply 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz.

Supplied with from 1 up to 6 remote sensors and a central controller.

-Refrigerant Tools and parts
-Valves (expansion, solenoid)
-Flow indicators
-Copper parts
-Solders (copper-silver)
-Chemical cleanings